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Your Donation Can Change a Life.

Your support helps us provide quality health care to all. The impact of every contribution is seen in every smile, path to recovery, along with every grateful patient and their families.

Fun Under the Sun Fundraiser | Sat, August 31 | 5:30pm – 9:30pm
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For more information on events or donation opportunities contact our Philanthropy team at: or call 442-257-2195.

Why Supporting Neighborhood Matters.

It’s donors like you that help us provide quality health care to those who need it most.

As a private, non-profit 501(C) (3) community health organization, Neighborhood serves 506,563 medical, dental, and behavioral health visits from 96,867 people annually. We can only do this with the help of generous donors like yourself. After all, we’re Better Together. Your donation funds innovative approaches to community health. With your support, we offer a range of programs and resources that address the unique barriers our patients face on their road to health and happiness. Financial donations let us to open our doors to more patients in need—some of whom have nowhere else to go.

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Better Together.

Neighborhood Healthcare is a community-based and patient-directed 501(c)3 organization that delivers comprehensive primary care and other integrated healthcare services including dental, behavioral health, specialty services, and more. We are truly grateful for the generosity of our partners because every gift received enables us to transform the health of the communities we serve across San Diego and Riverside counties. Donate your time, talent and/or treasure.

One-time, Annual, or Recurrent Donation

The most common type of donation to nonprofits, one-time donations, occurs when someone gives a specific monetary amount to an organization once. Even if that person gives the same amount to the same organization several times throughout the year, because there isn’t a planned recurring schedule or written expectation of when and how the donation will be made, they are all considered one-time donations.

When someone decides to commit to a consistent recurring schedule of donating, this is considered a recurring gift. One benefit of recurring gifts is that they help give Neighborhood an expectation of consistent, predictable cash flow which enables us to make forecasts into funding and scheduled payments throughout the year. Additionally, it might help the person donating by spreading their contribution out over time rather than in one lump sum. For example, you might not be able to donate $300 all at once, but you may be able to budget an extra $25 a month as a recurring gift. To Donate now please click here.

Spring FlingSpring Fundraising event

Saturday, April 20
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Fun Under the SunSummer Fundraising

Saturday, August 31 | 5:30pm – 9:30pm | Harrah's Resort Southern California | Valley Center

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Membership facilitates coalition building that leads to benefits for patients served in San Diego and Riverside Counties. Members come from banking, insurance, health information technology, communications, imaging, lab services, and other corporations interested in advancing equal and accessible primary medical, dental, and behavioral health services. Click here to join now:

Another popular type of donations that nonprofits receive comes through stock. Did you know you can donate long-term appreciated securities such as stock, bonds and mutual funds? And it’s easier than it may seem. When you donate the stock itself—rather than selling or liquidating the security—not only do you remove a step in the process, but you won’t need to remove the long-term capital gains taxes paid from the overall sum. This increases your donation amount up to 37% more. To transfer stock, either you or your broker fills out the transfer authorization form, and that’s all there is to it.

You, your business, favorite service, or social group are encouraged to coordinate an event that brings joy and attention to well-being. Whether it’s a golf tournament, tea party, or a clever new fundraising project, our patients, staff, and providers will gain tools and resources that ensure access to healthcare amenities for young and old.

Explore various volunteer opportunities, from guiding events to providing administrative support, all contributing to the shared journey of community well-being.

Donations don’t need to be monetary to make an impact. In-kind donations are a gift of goods, services, time, or expertise. When you provide an in-kind donation, you’re helping to alleviate some of the stress Neighborhood and allows us to use our financial resources in better ways. For example, when you donate your time and expertise, you’re allowing Neighborhood to put more money toward our mission instead of additional staff or contractors, help existing staff work more efficiently by taking on some of the load, and bring experience that might otherwise need to be outsourced. Gifts of goods, like laptops for homework centers or art supplies for seniors, keeps Neighborhood from spending funds on the things we need.

It can be hard to think about what happens after we’re gone, but setting up a planned gift is a great way to ensure the charities you support are included in your arrangements. There are a number of ways you can use planned giving to build charitable giving into your life plans, even after death. Some can even help you lower your taxable income now! Consider planning ahead now and explore some of these ways for giving after life:


  • A specific bequest of money or property naming Neighborhood as a beneficiary
  • Residual bequest of the remainder of the estate after specific bequests
  • Contingent bequest in which the gift to Neighborhood occurs if the original beneficiaries die before the donor

Planned Gift:

  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Life Tenancy Agreement

Life Insurance:

  • Neighborhood can be named as the beneficiary of a new life insurance policy, which is revocable by the donor
  • Neighborhood can be named as the owner and beneficiary of a new life insurance policy, which is irrevocable
  • An existing life insurance policy can be changed to include Neighborhood as a beneficiary or to transfer ownership of the policy to Neighborhood.

Qualified Retirement Plan:

  • Neighborhood can be named as the beneficiary of a tax-deferred retirement plan, including IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Keogh, etc.

Contribute to growth and expansion projects to better serve all neighborhoods and strengthen the ability to bring health and wellness to all.

Lakeside Capital Campaign

New Lakeside health center

Your support of the Neighborhood Lakeside Campaign is instrumental in making a lasting impact on our community's health and well-being. Together, let us grow a healthy and happy neighborhood.

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