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Fay’s Journey to Sobriety

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Innovative approaches to community health are made possible by the support of generous donors and grant funding. The new Mobile Health Team is one example of how Neighborhood is able to adapt to the needs of our patients to provide quality care and address barriers they face on their road to health and happiness.

Fay does not have transportation. Making it to her doctor’s appointments is difficult. Until staff at Neighborhood told Fay they would be meeting her at her home instead. Fay shares her experience with the Mobile Health Team and the support she receives from her Care Team of providers and staff.

When Fay moved to California in 2016, settling in Riverside County, she needed to find a doctor’s office that would accept her Medicare coverage. Fay transferred to Neighborhood Healthcare and has been a patient here ever since.

Fay shares that her provider, Dr. Mandana, and the staff at Neighborhood have partnered with her on her journey to sobriety, and they “never gave up on me.”

“I had been to detox several times, and treatment several times, and they never gave up on me.”


Regular lab work is important for Fay’s health. She called to schedule a routine A1C and was told that Neighborhood would visit her home to complete the lab work.

Fay experienced excellent care with the Mobile Care Assistant, Cindy. According to Fay, this kind of care creates opportunity for herself and many other seniors who lack transportation or have disabilities that limit their mobility.

Cindy says, “Patients are very happy, very grateful for the services. We have a lot of needs in the community, a lot of our patients are high-risk, they don’t have transportation, and they’re afraid to go out. So they are very grateful that we have these services for them.”

Additional information regarding Neighborhood’s Mobile Health Team can be found in our blog post or in this article by NBC 7.

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