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Surviving Cancer

little girl with cancer gets help

Facing Cancer Together

The diagnosis of cancer can be a frightening for a patient and their family. At Neighborhood, our staff finds trusted specialists to manage you or your loved one’s care. We’re there for you while you get treatment to help prevent or cure cancer.

Corbin’s Patient Story

When a mysterious bump on his knee began slowing eleven-year-old Corbin down, his mother brought him to Neighborhood Healthcare. When x-rays were taken, a startling discovery was made—Corbin had a bone tumor on his knee. Though the tumor was benign, his family learned that there was potential for it to become cancerous in the future. Right away, Neighborhood Healthcare referred the Frohreichs to Rady Children’s Hospital, where his tumor was removed. After his surgery, Corbin was ready to get back to running and playing baseball. Today, Corbin is as good as new, with only a scar as a reminder of his scary situation.

Zhu’s Patient Story

Neighborhood Healthcare patient Zhu Shen was living a peaceful and productive life with her husband, Dr. Changyou Chen and their 10-year-old son, Perry, in Carmel Valley 7 years ago. Both Zhu and Changyou immigrated from China to seek advanced degrees in the sciences. They succeeded in achieving advanced degrees and were enjoying their happy life and career success when Changyou was diagnosed with cancer. He was too ill to continue to work and the family lost their health insurance.

Fortunately, the family found help and hope for Changyou at UCSD and for Ahu at Neighborhood Healthcare with Dr. James Schultz.

Changyou received treatment for two years but sadly he passed away. During this difficult time in their life Zhu says, “Having Neighborhood Healthcare and Medi-Cal was a truly a godsend and our family is so tremendously grateful that we have a place to go, people like me, who never ever thought they would need a place like Neighborhood Healthcare. I want to say thank you to Neighborhood supporters for their donations that help families like ours. America is a country that truly cares for its people.”