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Overcoming Life’s Challenges

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We’re In This Together

We can be confused about why we feel so bad. Sometimes, the answer lies in treatment for both medical and behavioral health problems. We help you if you are hungry and don’t have enough food at home, if you are homeless or face domestic abuse at home. Whatever the problem, our Case Management and Behavioral Heath Teams will meet with you one-on-one to see how we can help you with whole person care.

Melissa’s Story

Melissa has struggled for many years with alcohol dependence, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2006, she was involved in an almost fatal motor vehicle accident.

After years of homelessness, unstable income, and continued run-ins with the law, Melissa was losing hope and fell into despair. She attempted to end her life on multiple occasions.

With help from Neighborhood Healthcare and our community partners, Melissa started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Her Case Manager expedited her HUD application and was able to get Melissa into her own apartment where she currently happily lives. She now has stable disability income and is able to afford for her basic needs, increasing her self-sufficiency.

Melissa is proud to share that she received her six-month sobriety token in January 2018! She continues to follow up with her Neighborhood Behavioral Health providers, which contributes to her stable mental health. Melissa is now heavily involved in her Christian faith and church and has not had any issues with the law since receiving services with Neighborhood. Melissa has improved her self-confidence and is now seeking custody of her granddaughter to help improve her life as well.

Knowing she has Neighborhood to support her, she is grateful for everything our organization has done and continues to do for her. Melissa says than you! “I don’t think without you guys’ support all of this would have been possible. You always followed up with me, even when I didn’t. You always had other options and resources for me to get the help I needed. I have so much to thank you guys for!”