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Mobile Health Team Making a Difference for our Most Vulnerable

Mobile Health Care Team

There is an ever increasing need to provide care to patients with complex and chronic medical conditions outside of the medical facility.  This group includes a variety of people with special health needs, those who are home bound, or people who don’t have regular access to preventative services.  

With COVID as the catalyst, Neighborhood Healthcare decided to take a proactive approach and utilize a mobile care team to provide essential health services as an extension to the healthcare facility.


The Mobile Health Team provides a “safety net” for our patients who are identified as high-risk or who lack the resources to acquire those services on their own. There are currently three Mobile Health Teams comprised of a Project Manager, an MA/Mobile Services assistant, and a Better Health Specialist who serve patients in the San Diego and Riverside County areas.  This program will take a phased approach that will add additional services as it grows, depending on the needs of the targeted population. 

The mobile vehicles are outfitted with the equipment and staff to provide essential services to respond to the changing community needs and environment, including laboratory services, COVID testing, blood pressure checks, dental screenings, pediatric well visits, and diabetic retinal scanning.

As of this writing, mobile services can see up to 24 patients a day and the need continues to grow.

Fay is one of our grateful patients, who received services through the Mobile Health Team. Watch Fay’s Journey to Sobriety here.

This important program is already receiving recognition for their proactive approach to providing care for the most vulnerable.  Please click here to see the recent NBC 7 news article.

If you’d like more information about the Mobile Health Team, or have interest in supporting this courageous effort, please contact Philanthropy at We would be happy to talk with you about our needs related to growing and expanding these critical services.