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Free and Low-Cost Internet Access During COVID-19

Over the last couple of months, technology has served a far-reaching purpose. We are using technology more often and to stay connected to our resources, jobs, patients, families, and friends. Applications like Zoom have exploded with users and even California’s Governor Gavin Newsome is using social media outlets to disseminate important information.

So, how do we limit our technology use when it seems so vital to our current situation and daily life?

Balancing technology usage with other activities is more important now than ever with the limitations and restrictions for engaging with the community outside of our homes. This might include technology/screen free meals with the family, limiting technology use during the day or to certain times of the day, taking breaks from the screen (45 min on, 15 min off), balancing physical movement/art/music with screens (one hour of physical movement art/music = one hour of screentime).

Screentime handout – English and Spanish

Children’s Screentime Handout and Downloadable log

How to counteract the effects of screen time