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Neighborhood receives 2024 Vibrant Health Award from IEHP

IEHP Awards

At Neighborhood Healthcare, we believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Our dedication to providing high-quality medical, dental, and behavioral health services to the residents of San Diego and Riverside Counties, regardless of their circumstances, is a testament to this belief. We are proud to serve our community with over 1,300 employees, conducting nearly 415,000 health visits annually.

Our (Neighborhood Healthcare) all-encompassing services—along with the organization’s commitment to serving in the IE—were among the reasons it received the IEHP 2024 Vibrant Health Award, which “honors a provider, entity or community partner that exemplifies engagement with the well-being and joyful life of Inland Empire residents.”

Our partnership with IEHP has been instrumental in advancing our shared goals. IEHP, one of the nation’s largest Medicaid and Medicare public health plans, supports over 1.5 million residents in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Their commitment to optimal care and vibrant health aligns perfectly with our mission. Together, we are making significant strides in improving healthcare access and outcomes for our communities.

Neighbrohood Healthcare accepts Vibrant Health Award from IEHP

We are deeply honored to receive this recognition from IEHP and are grateful for the continued support of our partners who share our values and dedication to health equity. The Vibrant Health Award reflects the collective efforts of our staff, partners, and the community we serve. To read more about the Vibrant Health Award, please click here.

For more information about Neighborhood Healthcare and our services, please visit Neighborhood Healthcare. To learn more about IEHP and its mission, visit IEHP (IEHP)​​ (YouTube)​​ (IEHP)​​ (Neighborhood Healthcare)​.