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Posted June 18, 2021

HealthNet Supports Neighborhood Workforce

Jorge Miranda

Improving workforce & training methods

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With support from HealthNet, we continue to pursue our mission by providing quality care to all regardless of situation or circumstance. Through their generous support, we are able to provide patients the quality care they deserve by increasing the effectiveness of our onboarding program to all Medical Assistants (MAs) through improvements and updates to training materials and methods.

In January 2019, three senior Neighborhood employees participated in the six-month Catalyst Program sponsored by the Center for Care Innovations. This learning collaborative provides teams with the training, tools, and space necessary to cultivate an innovative culture and an approach to problem-solving that is human-centered, collaborative, and creative.

Neighborhood’s team prototyped an updated process for Medical Assistant (MA) onboarding with two main focuses. The group focused on standardizing the new MAs training experiences and tools. Standardizing the training from site to site Neighborhood streamlines onboarding, enhances patient care, and improves employee morale resulting in higher productivity and lower employee turnover. The enhanced reference library of MA training videos provides easily accessible resources throughout the organization.

Support from HealthNet has provided us the recourse to implement the new training protocols and reference library.


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