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Child Wellness Checkups & Pediatric Care

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Child Wellness Checkups

Neighborhood Healthcare is here to serve our community, including the children. Children have unique needs, and we have the expertise to serve them. From their very first wellness visit after birth, to their immunizations, and to treating any minor health concerns, our youngest patients deserve and receive our very best care from our pediatricians. Our patients praise the experience from their kindhearted doctors and their care teams. Nearly two thousand patients in our pediatric community are served each year to have an opportunity to receive a great start in their early life and the opportunity for continued support as they grow. 

The early years of a child’s life are critical to their lifelong health and development. During those first years it is necessary to identify and prevent potential issues that could compromise a child’s health. This is done through a series of wellness, routine and/or acute visits. Child wellness visits allow our pediatricians to monitor and assess the development of each child. During each visit, our pediatricians evaluate their overall needs to continue care and to promote healthy and positive outcomes. 

Neighborhood Healthcare wants to educate and support parents on the importance of the wellness visits for their child’s health to meet every milestone throughout and during their childhood life. Think of the Neighborhood pediatricians as advocates to the children’s health and well-being, due to their age and limited speaking skills. At times it is a unique situation where children cannot voice their complaints and where direction may be needed for the parents to make sure their development is at a normal stage. 

Families are changing

Our community and families are socially changing; more parents are working, and many young children are being cared in some form of childcare. Beginning at the prenatal visit with our parents being supported, and at each subsequent visit, our Pediatrics team will discuss the plans and arrangements that parents may have for alternative care for their children. The child’s adaptation to these arrangements are evaluated. The pediatrician may also discuss with parents how they are balancing their work and family life. As a trusted family advisor, the pediatrician can help parents identify, evaluate, and choose among the childcare options that fit best for their family. 

Why Neighborhood wellness visits are important

Wellness visits help by allowing doctors to monitor and track conditions that may not be obvious in daily life but can be caught early and assessed. One benefit of wellness visits is for children to see doctors in an environment when they are not feeling sick or scared. When there are no other acute health concerns and children are at comfortable state, it is easier to assess their needs. At Neighborhood, we also offer social service assessment, coordination, and referrals. We assess all patients and families for social service needs social needs such as housing, food, transportation, and other necessities. We then connect them with the resources they need to feel supported and to provide the best possible outcomes for their growth and developmental milestones. 

How often should a child visit Neighborhood for wellness checkups? 

Regular timely well visits are vital to the overall health, and we recommend that appointments not be made only when a child is sick or injured. Neighborhood wants to be seen by our communities as a familiar and friendly resource for making sure children remain healthy, by getting the right health services, screenings, and treatments. In doing this, parents are taking steps that help their child’s chances for a healthier lifestyle. 

Recommendations are for wellness checkups at one week, one month, two months, four months, six months, nine months, twelve months, fifteen months, eighteen months, twenty-four months, thirty months, then yearly starting at age three through twenty-one following our AAP guidelines. 

Planning for the appointment

We encourage parents to take a few minutes to prepare before the appointments to maximize the best outcome. For example, it’s helpful to make notes about what they’ve noticed about their child’s health and development, including any changes in behavior or family routines. Write a list of questions and/or concerns, so they can be shared during their wellness visits. 

What happens during a wellness visit?

During a wellness visit, our pediatrician will perform a series of exams and screenings that may include but are not limited to a physical exam, which includes checking overall appearance, height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, ears, mouth and nose. Statistics will be compared to national averages for the child’s age to track developmental growth. 

At Neighborhood, depending on their age, children will be given the necessary immunization upon approval of the parent. Our providers may also discuss nutrition, physical fitness, and other health and safety issues. For example, they may want to confirm with the parent that the child has the appropriate car safety or booster seat available to whom needs it. 

Parents should not hesitate to ask questions, medical or otherwise, and is encouraged by our pediatricians. Your Neighborhood pediatrician may provide valuable advice on how to promote their child’s learning and development, how to potty train, tips for online social media safety, and more. Wellness visits are a good time to discuss children’s milestones, social development, and education. 

Conversations can range from sharing successes and milestones, to overall concerns about child development, to challenges in daily routines. Think of these visits as the parent’s chance to learn as much as they can about the best ways to help and cope with their child’s growth. By focusing on their child’s growth and learning, both parent and pediatrician can make sure the child is developing as expected. A partnership is formed based on respect, trust, honest communication, and understanding of their family’s culture and traditions. 

Neighborhood Healthcare offers quality pediatric care 

At Neighborhood, we offer quality care for patients of all ages, including infants, children, and teens. We offer immunizations, school physicals, sport physicals, immigration physicals, pediatric nutrition counseling, and more. Our pediatrics team is committed to ensuring our patients remain healthy and happy by providing regular wellness visits. 

Our providers and staff are available to interpret in any source or preferred language needed.

For more information about Neighborhood Healthcare, or to schedule a wellness checkup, please call 833-867-4642 or for existing patients schedule on our patient portal.

It is a privilege for us to provide the very best care for everyone in our communities.