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Healthcare funds to expand telehealth outreach to needy families

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Center for Care Innovations, Kaiser Family Foundation grants Neighborhood Healthcare funds to expand telehealth outreach to needy families

ESCONDIDO, Calif. (March 30, 2021) – Neighborhood Healthcare, a regional Federally Qualified Health Center providing a wide range of medical, dental and behavioral health services, announced today that it received funds to expand its telehealth capabilities.
The Center for Care Innovations and the Kaiser Family Foundation’s grant helps Neighborhood Healthcare increase patients’ digital equity and technology literacy, most notably for those needing better access to care.  
“We’re very appreciative of the Kaiser Family Foundation and CCI for their shared commitment to ensuring quality, compassionate, whole-person care to everyone regardless of their circumstance,” said Jim Schultz MD, Chief Medical Officer of Neighborhood Healthcare. “Doing so requires overcoming obstacles experienced by many families to receive that care. Telehealth can play a vital role in meeting this challenge, but only if patients possess reliable broadband internet connectivity.”
Thanks to this and other grants, Neighborhood Healthcare will extend its telehealth services to a wide range of patients, beginning with those whose primary language is not English and seniors. The organization will launch a pilot program at its satellite clinic located at Interfaith Community Services, a non-profit medical and social services provider for individuals experiencing homelessness. Neighborhood Healthcare will seek to learn key strategies on connecting low-income patients with chronic diseases, including providing devices and exploring the purchase of bulk broadband connections for patients without internet access. 
“We will also evaluate current platforms in use today, including, Zoom and Facetime, to select a standardized platform that is both reliable, scalable, and extendable to all of our providers, including both Primary Care and Behavioral Health,” said Adrian Zavala, Senior Director of Marketing and Community Engagement for Neighborhood Healthcare. “We believe a healthy community is a prosperous one where everyone benefits. This initiative directly supports that mission.” 
About Neighborhood Healthcare 
Neighborhood Healthcare provides quality, compassionate, whole-person care to everyone, regardless of their circumstance, throughout San Diego and Riverside Counties. We go above and beyond in serving those in need with high integrity, professionalism, and in the spirit of collaboration, just as we did when founded more than 50 years ago. In doing so, we dedicate ourselves to improving community health so everyone can live happy and healthy lives.