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The Conrad Prebys Foundation Supports Remote Hypertension Monitoring

Thanks to the generosity of The Conrad Prebys Foundation, Neighborhood Healthcare patients with uncontrolled hypertension are receiving new Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitoring devices as part of Neighborhood’s Hypertension Management Initiative.

These devices can directly transmit real-time blood pressure readings to their Primary Care Provider, who creates an individualized treatment plan that includes medication management and encourages lifestyle adjustments, including diet and exercise.  The goal is to help our patients achieve healthier blood pressure outcomes and a lifetime of better overall health and wellness.

Neighborhood’s Hypertension Management Initiative considers that individuals in low-income households often face inequity in outcomes resulting from less access to the resources they need to maintain optimal blood pressure control.  These barriers can include access to healthy food, safe places to exercise, transportation, and time off work for regular check-ups.  Remote blood pressure monitoring is a new approach to hypertension management that provides better access to care and enables patients to take charge of their health.

According to Michelle Hughes, PharmD, Director of Quality & Population Health, “Remote monitoring will be life-changing for many of our patients with hypertension who often cannot afford to take time off work for regular BP checks. In addition, having real-time data will help patients better understand the correlation between diet, exercise, stress, and their blood pressure.  We are excited to have this tool available for our patients and look forward to seeing positive results in their health.”

This award is one of the many difference-makers that local foundations and corporations support, helping Neighborhood provide quality, equitable and accessible healthcare to all.

Click here for an overview of the remote patient monitoring program by Michelle Hughes, our Director of Quality and Population Health.