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Dr. Shea Merat

Jennifer Boules-Syta, ACSW

Dr. Eva Wong

Peter Wei, DO

Dr. Wei is passionate about patient advocacy and holistic care. He hopes to ultimately work with the underserved long term.

Payal Shah, DO

Dr. Shah looks forward to establishing long-term relationships with her patients that are built on trust and patient-centered care.

Daniel Rochin, MD

Dr. Rochin wants to provide full spectrum care to families and communities with a focus on sports medicine and wellness. He also loves practicing jiu-jitsu and is working on his Spanish fluency!

Marshall Roberts, MD

Dr. Roberts loves mentoring students from vulnerable backgrounds and strives to provide holistic patient-centered care.

Vivian Thai, DO

Dr. Thai hopes to build lifelong relationships with her patients and guide them to healthier lifestyles and happiness.

Ibrahim Rahman, MD

Dr. Rahman hopes to provide whole person care and improve the health of our community. In his spare time, he loves reading, art, and running.

Chris Kocar, DO

Dr. Kocar is passionate about providing culturally competent care and addressing any barriers to helping his patients achieve optimal health. In his spare time, he loves automobile redesign.


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