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Maxine Kreitzer: 2021 Servant Leader Honoree

It is our tradition at Neighborhood Healthcare to honor a special individual each year at the annual Fundraising Gala. The Servant Leader Award goes to an individual that exemplifies selflessly giving back to those in need- be it through talent, time or treasure- and who inspires others to do the same.

The gala committee unanimously selected this year’s “Servant Leader” honoree, Maxine Kreitzer, knowing her dedication and love for others. Maxine leads by example and her desire to help others is nothing less than inspiring. Maxine has been a friend of Neighborhood for over 22 years, serving on our gala committee and assisting with other events, projects, and fundraising along the way.

Maxine is humble, kind, and one of the most generous and gracious people we have had the pleasure to know.  When her name was brought forward for recognition this year, it was a resounding YES from all.

Maxine shares how she got involved with Neighborhood and why she has stayed to volunteer and serve for so many years!

Maxine is the second Servant Leader Honoree and joins the legacy alongside Elmer Cameron, the 2020 Honoree. To learn more about Elmer and his dedication to the community, visit his Servant Leader blog post here.