Lore Health

Live the Lore of Good Health

Neighborhood Healthcare has identified you as someone who is eligible to join Lore. The Lore online program gives you access to:

  • Information and guidance to help you discover the healthy actions that work best for you.
  • A community of patients and other people who can support you and who you can support through online or arranged in person conversations.
  • Starting in January 2023, eligible original Medicare patients can access extra benefits—like activity trackers, health testing, and numerous health-related items that are not covered under Medicare.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received an email from Lore Health—is this a real thing?
Yes, Lore is a partner of Neighborhood Healthcare, and we are working with them to provide our patients new tools to support your health.

What is Lore?
Lore Health (Lore for short) is a company that helps providers and patients to improve health by improving lifestyle behaviors. Lore does this through an online portal that helps people find, pass along, and rely on the tools and information that make it easiest to adopt the healthy actions that work best.

Additionally, Lore works with participating providers as a Medicare ACO, which means it helps doctors provide high-quality care to their traditional Medicare members.

Who is Lore for?
Anyone can join the Lore community. That said, Lore is designed to be particularly helpful for traditional Medicare beneficiaries who have or are at risk for chronic disease.

What does Lore give patients?
Lore provides eligible Medicare patients with:

  1. An Online Community to support you in pursuing your health goals between visits to your doctor.
  2. Access to lifestyle screenings and tools aimed at improving your health.
  3. Starting in 2023, eligible Lore community members can also get access to new clinical data, like glucose measurements from a continuous glucose monitor, and lifestyle data from wearables like Fitbit. Lore will also work with patients and doctors to address issues like food, transportation, and other factors that impact your health.

Medicare Advantage or other patients who are not eligible for the extra benefits of Lore (#s 2 and #3 above), can still join and be a participant as a member of the Lore community (#1).

Does my doctor see what happens in Lore or access my data?
Your doctor may be active in the Lore community, but they are not monitoring your posts, questions, or comments. If you learn about something in Lore that you want to try, be sure and ask your doctor whenever relevant.

Similarly, if you were to get something like a continuous glucose monitor or Fitbit activity tracker from Lore, you should plan to discuss any health-pertinent data and learnings with your doctor during each visit.

Does Lore cost anything?
Patients never pay for Lore. The Lore online portal is free to use for all community members. In addition, eligible members can fully enroll to receive extra benefits at no cost to them. This is possible because Lore partners with doctors, healthcare providers, and Medicare to provide resources to its community for free.

Which patients are eligible to fully enroll in Lore and receive extra benefits?
Traditional Medicare patients who receive primary care from participating providers (like Neighborhood Healthcare) can participate in the Lore community for free. In addition, extra benefits will be available to patients who have been “attributed” to ACO providers, which means they’ve received most of their primary care during the last few years from that provider.

Can Medicare Advantage beneficiaries receive extra benefits through Lore?
Unfortunately no. Only traditional Medicare patients can fully enroll in Lore.

If I’m not eligible to fully enroll for free, can I pay for the additional features myself instead?
No, Lore’s extra benefits are only available to patients who qualify for them through traditional Medicare. There’s not a way for patients to directly pay for access to those features.

How do patients find out about Lore?
Lore is sending personalized enrollment links to eligible patients via email and texts. Patients may also find out about Lore from their clinic during regular healthcare visits.

How can I sign up?
The easiest way is the personalized link Lore will send to eligible patients via email. You can also create a Lore account by visiting community.lorehealthcare.io or downloading the Lore Health app. Once you’ve created an account, you will receive a prompt from Lore to check your eligibility to enroll in extra benefits.

If I’m eligible for Lore, can my spouse/child/friend sign up as well?
Anyone can create a free Lore account, and you’re welcome to invite the people in your life to participate in the Lore community with you. However, people you invite won’t necessarily be eligible to fully enroll, so you may have access to some features and benefits that will be unavailable to them.

What do I do if I think I’m eligible but didn’t receive an invitation?
You can get started with a Lore account and participate in the community even if you haven’t received an invitation to enroll. Whenever you become eligible, Lore will send you an email with instructions for competing enrollment. If you haven’t received this invitation, you probably aren’t eligible yet. However, we’ll pass on your name and contact information to the Lore support team so that they can look into it and double check for you.

Is Lore available in other languages?
Lore online is launching in English but will add more languages soon. Lore recruitment emails and texts are sent in your preferred language on file. Patients listed as non-English speakers will only be invited once the Lore service and communication materials are available in their language.