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Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth Ahumada

The Blue Shield of California Foundation featured Elizabeth and her good work with Neighborhood Healthcare’s perinatal program. She created and implemented education based perinatal services to meet the needs of our patients during pregnancy and immediately after giving birth.

Teen Wellness Program

Clara came to Neighborhood Healthcare as a teenager and joined the Teen Wellness Program. She took every opportunity that was presented to her and is now a part-time employee while she attends college. Watch her story and see how mentorship through the program has inspired her future.

Baby Mathew

One of our youngest patients, Baby Mathew, received life-saving surgery after a startling discovery. Baby Mathew was seen at our Pediatrics and Prenatal health center for a routine appointment. Pediatrician Dr. Tsai was able to detect a heart murmur, which led to the frightening discovery that the arteries in his heart were malformed. Baby Mathew had a successful emergency open heart surgery to renew his health.

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Corbin and Saralyn

A mysterious bump on Corbin’s knee prompted Saralyn, Corbin’s mother, to make an appointment at Neighborhood Healthcare. A precautionary x-ray revealed that Corbin had a benign bone tumor. In a preventive effort, Corbin underwent surgery to have the tumor removed.

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Doreen Paul and Nicolette

Neighborhood Healthcare focuses on comprehensive care for all of our patients. Doreen was originally seen for dental work, but in addition was referred to our behavioral health staff as well. Paul successfully had a tumor removed from his arm, and Nicolette received excellent prenatal care during her pregnancy.

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Chantal and the Fab Four

As a teenager, Chantal received guidance and support from Neighborhood Healthcare staff that set her apart from her peers. She asked questions of her doctor and was taught to make responsible decisions that she passed along to her friends, “The Fab Four.” All four friends graduated from college and have successful careers.