We Can (Weight Management)

We Can (Weight Management)

Our We Can! program is currently offered at our Neighborhood Healthcare ~ Escondido health center, located at 460 N. Elm St., Escondido, CA 92025. Please call (760) 520-8100 to schedule an appointment, or ask your Neighborhood Healthcare provider at your next appointment.

Neighborhood Healthcare is a community partner of the We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition) program. We Can! allows medical staff at Neighborhood Healthcare to work with children ages 8-13 years old to reach and maintain a healthy weight for their age. Participation in the We Can! program is on a referral basis by your medical provider at a Neighborhood Healthcare location.  

We provide parents with the science-based tools, tips, and fun activities to encourage children to take an active role in their own health. We Can! focuses on:

  1. Encouraging Healthy Eating
  2. Increasing Physical Activity
  3. Reducing “screen time” sitting in front of the television or computer

We Can! program sessions are held by a registered dietitian and physical activity specialist. Please note that the timeframe for the nutrition and physical activity sessions depend on a child’s age. 

Parent Tips

Resources for Your Family

Families Finding the Balance: A Parent Handbook
This family resource provides a strong overview and practical tips to help parents find the balance of eating healthy and being physically active to maintain a healthy weight.

Making Healthier Food Choices
Here are some tips to making healthier food choices at home or while dining out.  

Healthy Snack Ideas
All snack ideas on this cheat sheet are 100 calories or less! These snacks make it easier to fight hunger in between meals and show the portion size for each serving.

How to Read a Nutrition Label
Learning to read a nutrition label can help you make healthy food choices quickly and easily.  Most pre-packaged food has a label that will tell you the serving size, calorie count, and more.

Screen Time Chart
Use the screen time chart to track how much time is spent on the computer, television, or other electronic device.  Use one for each member of the family and compare.