Project Dulce Diabetes Management

Project Dulce Diabetes Management

Project Dulce is a diabetes care and education program that uses culturally appropriate and community based education and support to assist participants to better diabetes management. Since 1997, Project Dulce has helped thousands of ethnically diverse patients throughout San Diego County.

Neighborhood Healthcare is partnering with Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute to provide educational and diabetes assistance to our patients. Staff works directly with patients to combat diabetes by helping to change eating habits, implement exercise routines, and monitor overall health and wellness.

Referral to the program can only be made through your Neighborhood Healthcare provider.

Resources for Your Family

Blood Sugar Levels

Keep your blood sugar at these target levels to stay healthy. Be sure to discuss these levels with your healthcare provider.

Physical Activity Do’s and Don’ts (PDF)

Learn how to engage in physical activity while remaining in control of your diabetes.

Reading Food Labels (PDF)

It is important to learn how to read food labels. Serving sizes, calories, fats, etc. plays a part in which foods will aid you in controlling your diabetes.