How Well Do You Know Poway

A Special Message from “Friends of the Gold Family Health Center"


In Poway, 699 families and 4,437 individuals are living on less than $24,250 per year. Also, did you know that Poway does not have a community health center to care for these individuals?

So Why is This Information Important?

The poorest among us either have no health insurance or struggle to pay expensive co-pay and out-of-pocket health costs. Many that now have coverage under the Affordable Care Act, can’t find a physician accepting new Medi-Cal patients. A Poway community healthcare center will provide a local, healthcare “Home”....offering a broad range of free or affordable services: prenatal care, health screenings, primary care and immunizations.

The Good News! Construction for The Gold Family Health Center Starts This Year!

Neighborhood Healthcare has raised $2.4 million or 80 percent the funds needed to build the health center in Poway. Construction will start in late spring and we encourage you to give a gift of any amount to be part of this important community health center that will care for over 7,500 people a year in Poway and the surrounding communities.

What Can I Do?

Thank you for donating at

Support the poorest among us and keep our community healthy and thriving.

1. Can you or your company donate $1,000 or more to become a Friend of the Gold Family Health Center? You will be acknowledged on the center’s donor wall.

2. Please make a donation of any amount. Most people really appreciate an opportunity to donate to a local cause, and one where they can see their donation in action.

alan debbie gold

Alan & Debbie Gold

Alan and I are committed to making sure that every child in Poway and its surrounding communities will be able to see a doctor regardless of their parents’ ability to pay for care. We have had a successful relationship with Neighborhood Healthcare for over a decade. This is our opportunity to reshape our community for decades to come. This is your opportunity as well. We look ahead with a shared sense of responsibility in bringing Poway’s first community health center to our neighbors in need.”

Call the Friends of the Gold Family Health Center TODAY!  (760) 520-8365 or visit to learn more

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