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COVID-19 Scheduling Options2

Watch the video below for important details on
  1. How to schedule a doctor's appointment
  2. Insurance and payment options
  3. What to do if you or a family member is sick
  4. Health tips
    • We know you may have questions about you and your family’s health and access to care as cases of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) increase in San Diego and Riverside Counties.
      Call for Appointments 1-833-867-4642
At Neighborhood Healthcare we are committed to providing quality compassionate health care for all people in our community regardless of circumstance.
Neighborhood Healthcare is here to provide the care you need.

Call for appointments 833-967-4642

Our providers continue to provide both preventative and routine care, prescription refills, as well as urgent and time-sensitive care. During this time, you may be offered a video telehealth visit or a phone consult for routine, follow up care.
We continue to provide emergency dental care at some of our locations with same-day appointments. Please call so we can assess your condition and provide the best treatment.
We are ALL at risk of infection, regardless of age. However, if you have underlying health conditions you are at higher risk. For example if your diabetes levels are off or your blood pressure is not under control, this puts you at greater risk. When your immune system is good you can fight off the virus better. Please make sure to always protect yourself and your families.
Our mission remains as it’s always been to provide quality, compassionate care to all, regardless of situation or circumstance.
Our actions are done with the singular focus of maintaining the health of happiness of the communities we serve. We are better together.
Thank you for your continued support today and every day. We are better together.

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