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Meet three patients who explain why having a local health center would drastically improve their lives.

Depression Rises As We Turn Back Clocks

Depression Rises as we Turn Back Clocks

This is the time of year when many people begin to feel tired and “run down.” Sometimes this is because of the added stress of going back to school, increased workload, or other external factors.  But a common medical condition can also cause these feelings– depression.

Depression is not totally understood by the medical and scientific community.  Once it was thought that depression was strictly a mental illness; research and studies have shown that in many cases, depression has a physical component.

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Vote NO on Proposition 46 on November 4!

Vote NO on Proposition 46 on November 4!

In the coming weeks, you will hear a lot about Proposition 46, which will appear on the November 4 ballot. Prop 46 is complex and contains three separate pieces that the trial lawyers’ sponsors have thrown together in an effort to mask their real intent: to pull money directly out of the healthcare delivery system and put it into their own pockets.

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Every Woman Counts- Beat Breast Cancer

Throughout October, you will see a lot of pink: pink ribbons, pink clothing (even pink NFL Jerseys), and pink versions of normal, everyday products. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is all about the pink- but there's more to beating breast cancer than just awareness. It's easy to come up with reasons to put off scheduling screenings or a mammogram- you'll do it later, you're afraid of receiving bad news, you feel okay right now, no one in your family has had breast cancer...and the list goes on. The reality is more than 230,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and the most common risk factors for breast cancer are 1) Being Female and 2) Getting Older. However, early detection and early treatment saves lives every day. Be proactive and schedule your screenings!

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