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CEO Welcome Letter

Creating A Patient Experience

Everyone is talking about health care reform, but how do we actually prepare for the changes? How do we strategically work toward the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Triple Aim goals of improved patient care, improved health, and improved cost effectiveness? How do we create access for potentially many more patients who will seek care once they have health coverage?

At Neighborhood Healthcare, we are transforming how we deliver care to patients, how we include them in decision-making about their care and how our staff engages patients from their first phone call for an appointment to every interaction.

Examples of a few innovations to increase our focus on patients include:

  • Staff and patients are being asked through surveys and one-on-one personal interviews to identify what works well and what doesn’t.
  • A staff design team at each health center identifies solutions and improvements in communication with one another and with patients that results in more effective patient flow and interaction.
  • Care teams of a provider and support staff provide more interaction with patients beyond the doctor-patient communication.
  • Patient portals and other technology improve communication, and allow patients to schedule appointments, review their lab results, and ask questions.
  • Improved use of data focused on measuring clinical outcomes allows staff to reach out to patients for health maintenance and wellness care, and to identify patients whose outcomes indicate the need for more intensive management.
  • All staff participates in formalized and intensive communication training through certified trainers.

We’re proud of the progress we have made in receiving formal recognition from NCQA, a national accreditation entity, as a Patient Centered Medical Home. As of October 2012, seven of our health centers have received some level of recognition; proof that staff is committed to the patient centered model of care.

Our clinicians have always faced the challenge of providing continuity of care when an uninsured patient with very limited income needs an expensive diagnostic test procedure or treatment by a specialist and they cannot afford it. Healthcare coverage removes that barrier and plays a critical part in improving the overall health status of our communities. Neighborhood Healthcare is committed to providing quality health care and promoting wellness to everyone in our communities, focusing on those most in need.

Tracy Ream, Chief Executive Officer